Accounting and Tax consulting

The services of qualified attorneys and accountants are one of the foundations of the successful enterprise. Every business decision requires assessment from the legal, tax and accounting aspects. Our experience has taught us that the quality of the service does not depend only on the quality of the engaged specialist but also on the following two prerequisites:

1. The ability of the Lawyers and the Accountants to work togther as well as

2. The knowledge of the client: the history of his enterpise, his thinking and acting manners and his future plans.

Such milieu where all prarticipants know each other well and have developed a working system, makes it possible for the consultants fo consider the issue of the client outside the small picture of the specific occasion and to take account of the past and forthcoming activities of the client.

For these reasons we decided to broaden the range of dervices and founded the company BILANZ OOD providing full - range accounting and taxation services.

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